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“The photoshoot that I had with Rachel was fun, playful and thoroughly enjoyable…

There are two aspects to what Rachel does and she does them both very very well.
The first aspect is her ability to put me at ease during the shoot. Her easy way of being,
enjoyment of the process, and her professional manner immediately
had me know that I was being completely looked after

The second aspect is her expertise. Rachel has an amazing eye for detail, placement,
colour, focal points and angles…The end result was a gorgeous spread of ME!
I have never said this before: I love the way I look.
Rachel, because of you I can now say, I’m HOT
Thank you tremendously, you have no idea how much this means to me.
You definitely do CAPTURE THE MAGIC!”



“We just took a look at the pictures … and I just have to say thank you so very, very much…You absolutely captured the essence of our Bar Mitzvah, I am just so grateful, I can’t thank you enough.
They’re absolutely amazing… All in all, I am just so impressed.
Thank you so very much.”

- Reesa S.


“I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank and acknowledge Rachel Lando of Lando Images.

On june 14th, I had an amazing afternoon sitting for Portraits with Rachel. She truly went above and beyond the call of duty. I had already invested time and money in preparing for the shoot, when my make-up artist called with a scheduling issue, but it was no problem, Rachel had allotted enough time that the scheduling glitch didn’t faze her one bit.

She came prepared for the shot with lighting and a beautiful background. She calmed every fear I had about having my photo taken, and asked me great questions to clarify what it was that I wanted out of the final product: the word we came up with was enticing. We wanted the image of my product and myself as the face of my company to entice people to want to try CocoaNymph products. I think you will agree that Rachel succeeded.

Rachel put me at ease during the shoot, telling me funny stories to make me laugh and clear directions on how to move so the photos would look better. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend her for any kind of people pictures. Rachel truly does “capture the magic.”

- Rachel Sawatzky, CocoaNymph Chocolates and Confections


“Our wedding was fantastic and Rachel was the perfect photographer! She knew how to capture the light so my husband’s dark skin showed and my very very pale skin wasn’t washed out. The taking of the photos was easy and fun … and the prints were gorgeous! She captured some amazing moments that most people wouldn’t think to capture. I recommend Rachel to anyone!”

- Viv, beautiful bride


Ahhh so many fab pics Rachel… You have such an exceptional eye and beautiful use of light, these pictures are all I could possibly have dreamed of having for my headshots… Have to say it again, woohoo FABULOUS work Rachel. I feel very privileged to have chanced upon you… Thank you, thank you.

- Maya L., Actor
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