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Rachel Lando, the Owner and Principal Photographer at Lando Images, has a passion for people and for art and design. Nothing makes her happier than capturing the unique twinkle in a subject’s eye, getting just the right moment and angle to show people off as their best selves, and creating images that delight and inspire.

Having received her first camera, a Kodak Brownie, on her seventh birthday, she promptly began to gather the neighbours up for portraits. She soon convinced her Grade 2 teacher to line the whole class up outside, against a suitable background, to take her first large group portrait. And ever since then, photography has been a part of Rachel’s life, first as a hobby, then as a study, and, over the past decade, becoming her professional career. Taking the artistic training she received in Photography and Design from the University of Michigan, and Parsons School of Design in New York and Paris, she added a strong technical foundation from program’s at Vancouver’s Langara College. Combine all the photographic training with her years working in the restaurant industry and over a decade of training in coaching people, and you get a woman who knows how to bring together artistry and knowledge with a real connection to people, resulting in images that people love. One client, who had professed to never having had a photograph of herself that she liked, and hating to have her picture taken, said of working with Rachel that the result was “the best picture of (herself)” she’d ever seen, AND that she “even had fun.”

If you need a great portrait, for business, acting, or just to capture the unique awesomeness that is you, or you have an important event coming up (Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Fundraiser, etc.) Rachel would love to sit down for a latte and discuss what she and Lando Images can provide.

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